Soak Up Your Leak Expenses

Small Leaks = Big Water Bills

Water leaks happen. That drip, drip, drip is money leaking right out of your wallet. While you can repair the leak, you still have the cost of all that water you never used. See the top hole, only 3/16 of an inch? At only the width of a pencil, this size leak hole can cost you up to 222,000 gallons of water in a month – around $2,129!

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Soak Up The Cost Of The Water Bill

Sponge is a convenient and affordable subscription that protects you against the unexpected charges from a water leak. For only $3 a month, you get coverage for the excess water and wastewater charges for 99% of leaks.

In Four Easy Steps, You’re Covered

1. Add an optional $3 monthly coverage to your water utility bill.

Add the optional coverage for just $3 a month.

2. Find a leak? Fix it and save your repair receipts.

Water leaking from your pipes is money going down the drain.

3. File a claim with Sponge.

Login to your account and submit your claim.

4. Once approved, Sponge credits you for the excess charges.

Follow our quick and easy steps!

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Add the optional coverage for just $3 a month. Follow our quick and easy steps to file a claim, and just like that, Sponge soaks up your leak expenses.

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